Why Rent from Us?

Our tenants are not just numbers, they’re real people. We will say hi when we see you in the checkout line at HyVee. Our properties are not just numbers on a balance sheet. Each was remodeled to last. We look for win-win situations where the right tenant is matched up to take care of the right property during their tenancy.

Customer Service

We believe that this is fundamentally a customer service industry, and having the best product is not enough if there is no customer service to back it up. Good customer service let's our tenants know that they are valued. It lets them know that their thoughts and concerns are important. It lets them know that we care not just about how they treat our property, but how our property treats them.


Our properties are (in our humble opinions) akin to works of art and we believe that it is crucial for us to empower our tenants to care for them while they are living there. If you’ve never been responsible for a whole house before that’s ok, we’ll teach you what you need to know to take care of the little things.


Good communication like a two-way street. We not only give timely responses to our tenants when they reach out, but also take the time to ask questions and seek feedback about ourselves and our properties.


Work smarter not harder, is our motto. We look for ways of preventing small nuisances from turning into big problems. From the way that we do our initial remodels all to regular maintenance and service calls, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the game. We’d rather spend a dime today than a dollar tomorrow.

Interested in One of Our Properties?


Available Properties

Also see our Video Showcase

If we don’t have anything which suits your needs right now, but if you like what we’re about and want to live in one of our places, get on our waiting list. You’ll be first to get info as properties come available. All of our properties re-lease May 1st. Current properties that will come available on that date will be online by March 15th

Want to rent one of our available properties?


Property Showcase

Also see our Video Showcase

Expecting more? Usually our properties lease out several months in advance, but we always have new properties going through their initial remodels. We will do showings on these properties before they are finished but won’t post pics until they are 100% done. So give us some info about who you are and what you are looking for and we’ll get back to you and let you know what is coming down the pipeline. Join our waiting list to be first to know about new listings. 

Interested in One of Our Properties?