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Have questions about one of our properties or want to join our waiting list? Send me a note.” – Abby

The G Prop Difference

“We plan on owning these properties long term and we want someone 20 years from now to enjoy them just as much as you will.” – Eric

Cedar Rapids Property Management at its Best

We Love Our Work

We love remodeling houses. Moving walls, adding light and color and texture, a unique finish here, a funky light fixture there. Combining beauty with functionality. And we love the relationships that we’ve built along the way. With our tenants, our neighbors, others in the industry and with each other. At the end of the day a house is just a house unless it has someone to make it a home.

Hands-On Management

We remodel our homes ourselves, so that we can do it right. So that we can make the updates necessary to minimize problems and maintenance going forward. Remodeling houses is fun but coming back every other week to put bandaids on shoddy work is a buzz-kill.

Cash Flow vs. Equity

Some landlords are in the business of buying houses just to squeeze as much cash out of them as possible before they fall down. We are in the business of creating long-term equity in our properties by remodeling them to last. This is our livelihoods and passion. We put our hearts and souls in each property with the hope that our tenants will enjoy them for decades to come.


Focusing on sustainability where we can is deeply important to us. Making the homes more energy efficient cuts down on utility costs for tenants, maintenance costs for us, and decreases the footprint on the one home we all share.

Proactive and Responsive

It’s a lot easier to fix a leaky faucet than a burst pipe. We not only respond quickly and efficiently to maintenance concerns, but we aim to proactively correct issues before they occur. We aim for solutions that are best for both tenant stability and the long-term condition of the property. The quicker we take care of the little things, the quicker we can all get back to focusing on the big things.

Community Oriented

We're involved in many community activities like our travel-cooperative SOJO, our community gardens, and making connections with recent immigrants to the Cedar Rapids area. An active community is a thriving community and we strive to do our part to connect.

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