Helping Our Community

Landlords in Cedar Rapids have a bad rap with good reason. Too many of us look for short-term profits at the expense of the community.  At Gutschmidt Properties we want to be different. We believe that we are a part of making our community better.  We take some of the city’s most overlooked properties and make them shine again. We try and be good neighbors and try and encourage our tenants to follow our lead.

Making Cedar Rapids a Better Place

Community Garden

In 2019 we will be breaking ground on a community garden. It will be funded by a percentage of gross rents received and will use repurposed yards to provide fresh produce free to our tenants and employees with all unused produce being donated to the local food bank.


In 2017 we partnered with the Catherine McCauley Center to provide housing for refugees and immigrants. We assisted with job training in the trades and facilitated job placement.

Homeless veterans

In 2018 we partnered with HACAP to provide transitional housing to homeless veterans.


In 2018 we transformed one of our shared-living homes to host the Backpackers United travel group. We regularly host events aimed at getting travelers together. Our goal is to share information to enable and empower others to spread their wings and travel too!

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